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The car interior features to which you may be saying goodbye
  Some basic features inside your next car may not look so familiar. As automakers modernize the interiors of their vehicles, a number of in-car components that have long been part of the furniture might not survive the decade, according to Automotive News. These are the features to go on its endangered-species list: Gear shifter – The design and operation of gear shifters is changing, with the traditional lever being replaced in some cases by a variety of buttons, toggles and switches. Non-traditional gear shifters will make up 48 percent of the global auto market by 2026, it has been… Read More

Ready for your family road trip? These are the biggest stresses
  They say that getting there is part of the holiday experience. But not always in a good way, it should also be said. As millions of Americans take to the highways for a family road trip this Thanksgiving, a new survey reveals the biggest causes of stress. Traffic and unexpected delays, packing and cost are the main pain points, according to the poll carried out for Chevrolet. About one in four parents are most stressed by having to answer cries of “are we there yet?” and just under one in three find it stressful to keep the kids entertained.… Read More

Used-car shopping, ‘exciting’ electric cars, GAP coverage, millennials
A used car won’t fit in a stocking or under a tree. But that won’t stop several million Americans from purchasing them during the holidays. Because many now have learned that, although dealerships will be super-crowded between now and the new year, it’s still a good time to shop for your next vehicle. We’ll tell you why – and when – to shop, as well as whether you should consider GAP “insurance” coverage, which electric cars actually may be exciting to drive, and why millennials still want that in-person, car-shopping experience everyone thought they didn’t.     While RoadLoans, the… Read More

Car terms to know when you’re a first-time buyer
Even if you’ve been driving for a little while, taking the step of buying your first car is likely to throw out some terminology you haven’t come across before. Here are 13 terms it’s useful to know, and which may help you land the right car at the right price.     Sticker price – The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for a new car. A dealer could sell the car for more or less than the MSRP. There may be an opportunity to negotiate down from here toward the factory invoice price, which is what the dealer paid the… Read More

Why all-new or newly redesigned doesn’t always mean a better car
  Choosing a brand-new vehicle brimming with cutting edge features and a sleek new design can certainly add extra excitement to the car-buying process. But taking this route may also come with a downside, as the implementation of new and relatively unproven technology sometimes misfires when it comes to reliability. Consumer Reports’ 2017 auto survey, which incorporates results from 640,000 vehicles owned by 400,000 subscribers, shows that “all-new or updated models are more likely than older ones to have a wonky engine, a jerky transmission, or high-tech features that fail outright.” Owners of first-year models had twice as many complaints… Read More