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Get ready for National Tailgating Day and a feast of football
  The smell of burgers on the grill, the sound of a beverage being popped open, the sea of colors that show a tidal wave of support for your team. It could be any college football weekend but, this Saturday, the excitement, anticipation and revelry will be cranked up a notch when National Tailgating Day celebrates the new season. Having kicked off on Aug. 26, we’re already into the action, yet Sep. 2 offers a true feast of football throughout the day, and across the nation, with 61 fixtures on the card. According to who you listen to, Alabama, Ohio… Read More

Used-car satisfaction, and the models owners would buy again
  Buying a car is a process of questions and answers. Even more so if you’re buying a used vehicle. For example, there’s the matter of when you might want to change your current car, and, when the time is right, what model you should buy and how old it should be. Consumer Reports aims to help you with the answers to such questions. Its 2016 auto satisfaction survey gathered the views of 225,935 subscribers on how satisfied they are with their vehicle, taking into account things like driving experience and comfort, and whether they would buy it again. In… Read More

Cool for school, an EV range record, and growing new-car appeal
Welcome to August’s roundup of auto news. Check out some of the stories to hit the headlines in the motoring press this month.     10 Great back-to-school cars for 2017 When back to school moves on from getting a good set of pencils to a good set of wheels, it’s helpful to have some solid recommendations to steer you in the right direction. Whether you’re a parent buying a car for your high school teenager or you’re heading off to college, Kelley Blue Book’s ten-best list, updated for 2017, will help you walk into the showroom feeling prepared and… Read More

How RoadLoans works: I got my car loan, now what?
  Yes, we know that getting the financing first flies in the face of car loan tradition. But we also know that it works for you, the new car shopper. And it’s an approach more and more financial experts recommend. For the sake of this post, we’re going to assume you’ve done that, and that the car loan amount and payments fit your budget. “So, I got approved for a car loan, now what?” you ask. In the case of RoadLoans, you should download and print your loan packet and take it to your recommended dealer nearby. Then work with your RoadLoans dealer… Read More

The glory of tailgating and the Indianapolis Colts
  With the NFL preseason already underway and the start of both the college (August 26) and professional seasons (September 7) just weeks away, the long wait for live football action, and some good old tailgating, is almost over. National Tailgating Day, which falls on September 2 this year, is just another day that will come and go for some individuals. For the diehard football fan, however, this day is so much more. Growing up in Indiana and living so close to the Indy 500 (one of the largest motor racing events in the world), tailgating was simply something that… Read More

Ready to plug in? What consumers really think about electric cars
Bigger and bolder commitments are being made to an automotive future powered by electric vehicles (EVs). Volvo, for example, recently announced plans to produce only electric, hybrid and mild hybrid cars by 2019, and sell a million EVs by 2025. That announcement was made with the Swedish automaker yet to launch a fully electric vehicle. Tesla, meanwhile, has put on record the ambitious goal to make its cars run for a million miles with drive units that “basically never wear out.” With EVs posing such a dramatic change to motoring in the years to come, we asked consumers for their… Read More