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These are the 10 new cars we keep the longest before selling
  SUVs and sports cars dominate the top 10 vehicles new-car owners hang onto longest before selling, research reveals – and the reasons range from timeless styling to unique features. Automotive research firm analyzed more than 15 million vehicles sold by original owners, which showed the Toyota Land Cruiser is kept longest of all at 10.6 years, well beyond the 7.3-year average. Two other Toyotas, the Sequoia and 4Runner, along with the Ford Expedition and Ford Explorer, make up the rest of the SUVs on the list. The Porsche Boxster, Mercedes-Benz SLK, Chevrolet Corvette and Audi TT are the… Read More

The cars that star in ‘Transformers,’ then and now
The giant fighting robots are back. “Transformers: The Last Knight,” the fifth installment of the “Transformers” franchise, burst onto movie screens this week with the Transformers and humans locked in war. And not only will moviegoers be drawn by the prospect of extravagant action, battles and special effects, but the chance to see some of today’s coolest and most expensive cars in the thick of things, too. They include the attention-fixing 2017 Lamborghini Centenario, the $1.9 million hypercar adopted by the character Hot Rod, while the hugely popular Bumblebee takes the form of a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS. See how… Read More

Summer driving blues, best used cars and more
There are a lot of good auto blogs online, and we think the RoadLoans blog is one of them. But you may not know that RoadLoans is a direct-lending program of Santander Consumer USA (SC), which also has a blog providing more content intended to engage, inform and entertain readers interested in news and trends about or related to cars, trucks and SUVs. Following are snippets of the best recent content on the SC blog and links to the posts:     Singing the summer driving blues Summer has arrived. So, it’s time to take action – or not –… Read More

10 Cool new cars under $18K
  Are fun, stylish, versatile and affordable on your new-car wish list? If so, Kelley Blue Book’s latest recommendations of quality cars costing less than $18,000 are worth perusing. The automotive guide’s annual compilation of cool, budget-friendly vehicles includes a little expert comment about each car’s appeal as well as information on consumer ratings, miles per gallon and engine size, plus images and videos to help your car-buying decisions. Among the 2017 models it has rated and ranked are three newcomers, along with some reliable contenders. Leading the way is the Mazda3, the “all-time champion” that appears in the top… Read More

My first car and the birthday blues
  Upon obtaining a learner’s permit most young adults begin shopping for their first car before even discussing it with their parents. Growing up, this was the day that I looked forward to because having parents heavily involved in the car industry, undoubtedly, would yield my dream car. Due to the school cutoff I was almost a year older than most of my classmates. While this was a minor issue academically, it soon evolved into the sole reason I was going to become the most popular student amongst my peers. As my birthday approached, certainly, I was going to be… Read More

Understanding an upside-down car loan and the options for changing vehicles
What is an upside-down car loan? An upside-down car loan is a situation in which you simply owe the lender more than the vehicle is worth. For example, you still have $12,000 outstanding on your auto loan, but the vehicle’s value is just $9,000, so you’re upside down by $3,000. It’s also known as negative equity or being “under water,” and it’s a growing problem in the U.S., according to, a debt help organization. How an upside-down car loan might occur There are numerous ways negative equity on a vehicle may arise. Common scenarios include: Depreciation– Cars inevitably lose… Read More

‘Cars 3’ lines up with an inspirational tale
  It’s tough at the top, even for a serial winner like Lightning McQueen. The latest lap of Disney-Pixar’s “Cars” franchise, “Cars 3,” is a great sports comeback story that looks set to inspire as well as entertain young moviegoers this summer. The multi-Piston Cup winner, voiced by Owen Wilson, is having a hard time keeping up with the new generation of younger, faster cars and the movie opens with McQueen crashing out of a race in spectacular style. In fact, he faces being completely pushed out of the sport he loves, the makers tell us, but you can bet… Read More

A look at how cars and trucks are trending across the internet
As more and more automotive research takes place online, software company Adobe put its finger on the pulse to see what’s trending. The Adobe Digital Insights report looked at some 11 billion visits to dealership and car information websites, and more than 57 million social media mentions. Here are some of the key insights. THE MOST POPULAR CAR ON SOCIAL MEDIA IS... Based on social mentions and sentiment (Oct. 2015 – Oct. 2016) and online visits (Jan. 2014 – Sept. 2016). Sources: Adobe Analytics, by Adobe. VISITS TO SUV/TRUCK WEBSITES ARE BOOMING – ESPECIALLY AMONG PEOPLE IN THESE CITIES:… Read More