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How do auto loans work?
  So how do auto loans work? Since most people buying a new or used car opt for financing it’s an important question, and understanding the answer will help you in the purchase process. To summarize, you take out a car loan with a lender to pay for the purchase of a vehicle and, by signing the loan contract, agree to pay back the money in installments over the course of the loan, according to its terms. These terms include key factors like the finance charge, loan duration and the size of the monthly payment. Most auto loans are simple… Read More

How much should a down payment on a car be?
  The right down payment on a car has the potential to make a significant difference to a vehicle purchase and how financing pans out, so it’s worth seriously considering how much you might be able to pay up front. By lowering the amount borrowed, a down payment may save the buyer money by reducing the monthly payment and finance costs, but there are other considerations as well. A payment of 20 percent has long been viewed as a healthy amount for a new car purchase, according to Edmunds. And when you consider factors like new-car depreciation of 20 percent… Read More

The best car in the world, it’s official
As bragging rights go, owning the best car in the world would be hard to beat. That could be quite subjective though – everyone has an opinion on nice cars. Thankfully, the experts have cleared the issue up for another year with the announcement of the 2017 World Car Award winners, based on specific criteria you can hang your hat on. After traveling a long road passing through several glitzy international destinations, the jurors recently reached their expert decisions, announced at the New York auto show last week.     And the World Car of the Year? The Jaguar F-Pace,… Read More

Hundreds of RoadLoans reviews at your fingertips
  When you’re shopping around for a product or service, we know reviews matter. That’s why, at RoadLoans, we team with an independent customer reviews community, enabling auto loan shoppers to check out our customer experience online. Trustpilot is a third-party platform where customers can leave feedback via RoadLoans’ Trustpilot profile page, which is easily accessible from our website. As a technology-driven, direct-to-consumer auto lender, a fast-and-easy financing process with a focus on customer service is a priority. We’re proud of the 8.8/10 rating we’ve received from hundreds of reviews but we’re continually seeking to raise the bar and improve… Read More

Consider your car-buying options as tax filing deadline approaches
  The deadline for filing tax returns, April 18, is just ahead, and if you’re expecting money back, keep in mind the difference a refund can make to a car purchase. Millions of Americans use their refunds, which averaged $2,777 in 2016, for a down payment on a new vehicle, and all or part of a check from the IRS may help you qualify for financing. If approved, it might even enhance the loan terms, enabling you to sit back and drive towards summer with savings, style and comfort. What kind of vehicle is at the top your list? Here… Read More

The cars that sent ‘Fast & Furious’ into overdrive
Who knew just how many high-performance cars and how much high-speed action could be taken to the big screen until the arrival of the “Fast & Furious” franchise? And if huge worldwide audiences and nearly $4 billion at the box office are anything to go by, we all say a big thank you. From street racing and heists to chases and stunts, the cars are always at the heart of things as Dominic Toretto and his crew keep their eyes on the prize. With movie number eight, “The Fate of the Furious,” set to play in theaters from April 14,… Read More