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The cars that came back to us
  After what will be 24 years in the wilderness, the Bronco, complete with its bucking Bronco logo, is coming back to Ford’s SUV stable. The carmaker announced a homecoming date of 2020 at the Detroit auto show last month (along with 2019 for the Ranger pickup), giving fans of the iconic off-roader plenty of time to prepare a warm welcome, and get the garage ready. It’s not the first time that ground’s been covered, of course. Here are five more comebacks that lit up the automotive world:     Dodge… Read More

Mazda CX-5
There are a lot of good auto blogs online. We think the RoadLoans blog is one of them, something largely confirmed by monthly views reported by Google Analytics and other rankings of best web sites for car enthusiasts. What readers may not realize is that RoadLoans is a direct-lending program of Santander Consumer USA (SC), which also has a blog providing more content intended to engage, inform and entertain readers interested in news and trends about or related to cars, trucks and SUVs. Following are snippets of recent content, and links to the SC posts if you want to read… Read More

Manual vs. automatic transmission
  Can you drive a stick shift? Because a lot of people can’t. Americans are accustomed to the style of driving that comes with cars that have automatic transmissions, with a majority of drivers owning vehicles with automatic shifting. Interestingly enough, driving vehicles with manual transmissions is still extremely common in other countries, especially those in Europe. So we began to ask … why is this? We have found some interesting differences between the features of manual and automatic transmissions that help car buyers, wherever they may be, understand the different driving and ownership experiences associated with each. And hopefully… Read More

Toyota Supra - 1984
  A 1984 Toyota Supra. It wasn’t my first car, exactly, but it’s first in my heart. The sleek, red, two-door, now-classic performance car with sun roof, distinctive black trim and what I refer to as Frogger (retractable) headlights is the one I remember the best. The Supra was my reward (from my wife and myself) for finishing graduate school. A demonstrator for a small-town Pennsylvania Toyota dealership, it sold for about $16,000, which seemed like a fortune at the time. But it’s a price I happily would pay now for a clean Supra. Sitting in the driver’s seat of… Read More

What does your car mean for your dating life? Here are the signs
Perhaps your choice of vehicle is carefully image-oriented, or maybe it’s just down to price and practicality. But if your car is an expression of you, what message is it sending exactly? And what does it mean for your dating life? With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’ve compiled the results of an online survey of drivers and a study by university researchers to give you an idea.               Read More

How to have a winning weekend in Houston
  If you’re on your way to Houston for Super Bowl LI, you can safely put a tick next to “attend the biggest event in town,” if not the country. There might even be a selfie in the offing. But whatever the result on the field, here are five other things to do while you’re there to ensure it’s a great weekend. Space Center Houston Whether your team puts in a star performance or encounters an almighty “Houston, we’ve had a problem” moment, a trip to the space center provides plenty of fascination and fun. Space Center Houston offers a… Read More