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Celebrities and their cars: 25 tweets to love [Infographic]
Celebrities adore their cars. And their unique position in life means they have some entertaining experiences in the world of automobiles. Not to mention a few thoughtful reflections. They’ve taken to Twitter to give us all a look through the window, and here are 25 of their most hilarious and heartwarming tweets. Have you tweeted about your ride? We’d love to hear it. Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.     Read More

A 1998 Buick Park Avenue, similar to Myrtle. Credit: Kelley Blue Book / General Motors Corporation
  Myrtle. That’s the name my brother bestowed upon the 1998 Buick Park Avenue that became “the kids’ car.” My parents bought the car from my grandparents in 2008 for a grand total of $1,000. The name perfectly fit the car’s personality, not only because she was at one point owned by my grandparents, but she was definitely a car from an older time. Myrtle had an elongated, narrow body style that was indicative of the late ‘90s. Her exterior was a deep maroon with glitter in the paint that would shimmer when the sunlight hit her just right. At… Read More

What is the Monroney sticker and what’s on it?
  When you’re shopping for a big-ticket item like a new car, you probably want to know exactly what you’re getting for your money. And when you’re on the dealership lot, that’s when the window sticker is of great help. Known in the auto industry as the Monroney sticker, the window sticker is a white label containing essential information about the vehicle that must, by law, be displayed on the windshield or side window of all new cars sold in the United States. To be specific, that means every new vehicle under 8,500 pounds, and it shouldn’t be removed before… Read More

11 Big reasons to buy a small car
  The perks of a small car? Drivers in many countries lean towards the small vehicle while Americans cannot get enough of the “bigger the better” ideal. So this raises the question, why buy a small car? Here are 11 reasons for car buyers to look at smaller cars, from saving money to versatility. 1. Parking Let’s just state the obvious. You can fit into the smallest areas of street parking, which can be a novelty in most big cities or crowded towns. You can also fit into the newly popularized compact car spots found in many modern parking lots.… Read More

6 Ways to avoid a bad car loan
Buying a car can be fun and exciting. However, getting a car loan can be anything but. After all, the auto loan process can be confusing and intimidating, causing buyers to make mistakes that result in a bad car loan. If you’ve got bad credit,* dealers or insurance agents may take advantage, and you could be stuck with a car loan that will end up costing you tons in the long term. So if you’re in the market for a new or used car, don’t get swindled into having to pay more than you really need to. Here’s a look… Read More

How car repossession works
  Whether used for work or play, the automobile is a staple of American society. With many drivers getting on the road thanks to financing, so too is the monthly car payment. It’s not always a smooth ride though, and something like car repossession can be a big obstacle to negotiate.* What is car repossession? When you signed for that loan or lease, you signed a contract that gave the creditor or lessor rights until the vehicle is paid off, or until the lease ends. If you don’t fulfill your obligations, like meeting your payments, the creditor may have the… Read More

Minimalist motoring in a modern-day Model T
  It was slightly underwhelming, and by no means my first car of choice, but I grew to appreciate my Ford Fiesta Mark III and from Mondays to Fridays we became inseparable. While some new drivers bask in the glory of a sporty convertible, a hot hatch or a rugged 4x4, my Fiesta was memorable as a stunning example of mediocrity in miniature. With the Fiesta 1.1L, Ford took the idea of basic and really made it their own, and then enabled countless lucky drivers across the UK to make it their own too. There were no bells and whistles,… Read More

2017 Dodge Challenger T/A
  There are a lot of good auto blogs online. We think the RoadLoans blog is one of them, something largely confirmed by monthly views reported by Google Analytics that would rank us among the top 10 based on Blogmetrics data. What readers may not realize is that RoadLoans is a direct-lending program of Santander Consumer USA (SC), which also has a blog providing more content intended to engage, inform and entertain readers interested in news and trends about or related to cars, trucks and SUVs. Following are snippets of recent content,… Read More

The Vehicles of The Walking Dead [Infographic]
  Times can be hard when you're living in a zombie apocalypse, but things can be exponentially better if you're able to get your hands on some kind of vehicle. Once you've got some wheels, you stand a much better chance of surviving, even if just because now you have a way to mow down some walkers. Plus, you don't have to worry about traffic rules or making that car loan payment—it's an apocalypse, after all. In this infographic we've hashed out some of the best vehicles from AMC's "The Walking Dead" and have analyzed them to figure out which… Read More

An accolade for the RoadLoans blog, truck-time in Texas, and Paris car show highlights
  “Top 100 auto blogs every car enthusiast must read,” Feedspot To kick off this edition of the Auto News Tour, we thought we’d include some news about the RoadLoans blog. RoadLoans has been included in Feedspot’s “Top 100 Auto Blogs” list – a compilation of blogs with “a treasure trove of valuable information for casual consumers and motor junkies alike.” Blogs were included and ranked on the following criteria: Google reputation and search ranking; influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media; quality and consistency of posts, and the expert review of Feedspot’s editorial team. Feedspot is… Read More

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