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Back-to-college checklist of dos and don’ts: Helpful tips for students
  As myself and millions of other college students prepare to head back to school, it’s time to prepare for a new and exciting adventure. There is a lot to be done before we head back to class and get into the swing of things. From my experience of many years of schooling, here is a back-to-college checklist of dos and don’ts to kick off your school year.   Do Get your car checked out by an experienced mechanic — especially if you are embarking on a long road trip to school. Make sure your car is properly prepared to… Read More

How to get subprime auto loans the right way
  When you have bad credit,* it can seem like your options for auto financing are limited, and that can make it easy to accept the first deal that comes your way, especially if it’s a hard sell. While consumers with bruised credit don’t have the same choices as those enjoying good credit, they may still improve their position, and avoid poor financing opportunities, by approaching subprime auto loans the right way. Getting informed and selecting a lender Choice of lender is a major factor in this. At RoadLoans, as a direct-to-consumer, full-spectrum auto lender, we pride ourselves on offering… Read More

Back-to-school driving safety tips
  As millions of students start to head back to school, parents and students alike must prepare for their morning routines including packing their bag, getting dressed, and driving over to school. Whether for a parent driver or a student behind the wheel, here are a few tips to consider for back-to-school driving safety. Be aware and control your speed In the areas surrounding a school there are always many kids walking around, bike riders, and stop-and-go cars trying to drop their passengers off for school. With this craziness, driving quickly through these areas can be tricky and often dangerous.… Read More

Fuel economy top of mind for car buyers, despite low gas prices
  Saving the planet and reducing fuel bills sounds like a win-win for every car buyer. And both outcomes appear to be gaining at least some ground when you look at the results of a consumer survey that places fuel efficiency top among car-buying factors. Of 1,006 consumers surveyed, 57 percent said it was the primary influence in their vehicle purchase, according to the research commissioned by Johnson Controls, an automotive battery manufacturer. Car buyers are putting fuel economy first despite low gas prices, although they are still moving toward larger vehicles that typically consume more fuel. “What we’re seeing… Read More

Car terms to know when getting an AC check
  In the height of summer, depending on where you are in the country, air-conditioning (AC) is a “must" for many drivers, or a very useful convenience at the least. If anyone finds themselves melting in a hot car and needs to take their vehicle to a garage for an AC check, we have some terms that my help you out. This list contains key terms you’re most likely to encounter when taking your car in, and should help guide you in dealing with your mechanic, so you know what is going on in your car. Recharging – When the… Read More

Pre-approved auto loans give shoppers an advantage
  If you’re shopping for a car, new or used, and you expect to take out an auto loan to pay for it, you’ve almost certainly heard about “pre-approved” financing. If not, learning about pre-approved auto loan financing ought to be high on your to-do list. Of course, the ideal scenario is to pay for your car outright in cash. Besides avoiding monthly payments and interest charges, it enables you to aggressively negotiate on price, knowing you can take your business elsewhere if you want to. In reality, very few of us are in a position to do that: consumers get… Read More

The drive-thru, an American icon
  Fact: We’re all very busy these days. Fact: There are times it’s hard to block out time to eat. Fact: For many of us, this is where the restaurant drive-thru comes into play. You know the scenario. You’re out driving around, crossing things off the honey-do list, when suddenly the rumble of the road is overtaken by the rumbling of the tummy. You’re far from home and still needing to finish some errands, so what do you do? Yep, cruise through the drive-thru. According to The NPD Group, a market research firm, roughly 12.4 billion trips were made by… Read More

The Automobile in the Not-So-Distant Future: What “Driving” Will Be Like in 2025
When the first “Back to the Future” film was released in 1985, it seemed that our futuristic dreams and visions were finally coming to life. A time-traveling car was soon followed by the hoverboard and flying cars in “Back to the Future Part II.” What was once science fiction in comics and novels appeared a step closer once on the silver screen. As the real world passed the “D-day” of “Back to the Future II”—October 21, 2015—the cars we had been dreaming of since 1985 weren’t quite what we expected. Although the last 30 years didn’t give us the flying… Read More