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Running on Fumes vs. Fuel Efficiency
  Maybe this has happened to you. You say, "Wow, gas is getting expensive. I've got to figure out how to improve my gas mileage." Then the guy next to you says, "Oh, you mean like by getting one of these?" He proceeds to take out his keys, point them at a shiny, new hybrid or plug-in electric vehicle and presses the fob button to cause the lights to blink and the horn to chirp. Fantastic. These strengthening exercises in interpersonal patience aside, there are ways to make sure you're getting the best mileage you possibly can out of your… Read More

The 10 Best World Cup Car Commercials So Far
  The Super Bowl of TV commercials is the Super Bowl ... of football. So, just the Super Bowl. Advertisers hold their best, most Cannes Lions-, CLIO- and Telly-worthy advertising material for Super Bowl Sunday every year, to strut their best stuff. And in many cases, the strut itself IS the stuff you remember. And all of it happens between the pregame and the end of the last quarter of the NFL championship game. Or at least, that used to be true. World Cup Soccer fever is bigger than ever, and everyone agrees that the trend is going to continue. Viewership is what… Read More

Bad Credit Auto Loans, Unicorns and You
Getting auto loans when you have – let’s be honest – bad credit* can be like searching for legendary creatures. However, there is a key difference between legendary creatures and bad credit refinance auto loans for people with bad credit:one of the two actually exists. Here’s a handy guide to help our awesome readers tell the difference.   This is a picture of a unicorn. A unicorn is a horse with a single, spiral horn protruding from its forehead. Unicorns were first mentioned in Indika by Ctesias in the fifth century B.C., and they remain a prevalent figure in art, poetry, prose, and even heraldry. However,… Read More

Road Trip Season has Arrived
  It's coming. Beef jerky. Cheap sunglasses. The Band on Spotify. Leg cramps. Doldrums. Dancing from the neck up. Fried pies. MoonPies®. Moonlight so bright, you are tempted to turn off your headlights. Tunnels through solid rock. Marinas packed with lonely, teetering boats. The quest, by non-truckers, to find the perfect truck stop. Collectible spoons. Tribal lands and tourist traps. Hilariously modified pickup trucks. Sand dunes. Mountain passes. Ferries across channels. Oddly priced park day passes. Dramamine®. Caffeine. Outside magazine. Monuments. Parking garages. B&Bs. Strange motels. Pit bosses and one-armed bandits. Towns whose central piece of architecture is a grain… Read More

Father’s Day Gifts for Car Lovers
  Dads, look, we're on your side. They SHOULD give you gifts. So just send all your loved ones to read this article for some good ideas, and we'll take care of the rest. KeyPort Slide This cool little gadget, starting at $29, replaces your keys with only the blades, cut to match your existing ones, in a slim box that lets you slide one out for use whenever you need to. Shard The Shard takes the concept of the keychain pocketknife/pen-tool, and reduces it to its simplest form: a single, unbreakable piece of metal that you can use to… Read More

Best Apps to Improve your Driving Experience
  Smartphones and tablets have changed our lives. And our drives. When it comes to, well, anything about cars, there's an app for that. And with road trip season upon us, we've got a list of the best apps to improve your experience. Google Maps/Apple Maps Category: Navigation, Traffic For mapping and navigation, these two are the big ones. Both offer 3D perspective, turn-by-turn directions and traffic information to keep you sharp about what's on the road ahead. Waze Category: Traffic, Social Waze is the original social traffic app, and it's still a huge hit. With lots of useful information… Read More

MINI Paceman Pickup Concept is One of a Kind…
  ...because they aren't making any more of them. Looks pretty sweet, though, right? The Internet sure thinks so. What you're looking at won't be on showroom floors, or off-road racetracks, or in every MINI ad from now until the next Super Bowl, and more's the pity for us. This is a one-off. Just a [ahem] little something that BMW students and instructors cooked up at the BMW labs at Munich and Dingolfing in Germany. However, wow. Not exactly a felt-laden diorama, is it? Kudos, damen und herren.     The often-copied lines of the Land Rover Evoque are evident… Read More

Rolling Up to the 2014 World Cup
At RoadLoans, we pride ourselves on knowing how to get things rolling. We are an auto finance company. We provide financing, online and over the phone, to people to make the car-buying process as smooth as possible. "Get 'em rolling." That's what we do every day. However, even we must concede to superior authority when we encounter athletes like those who are about to compete in the World Cup. They really know how to get things rolling, all the way to the…destination. The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup, or simply the World Cup, is the largest soccer tournament… Read More