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Summer Driving and Getting Ready for the Road
Memorial Day is behind us, and with it, some driving weather that wasn’t nearly as hot as it could have been. But some hot days might be coming soon, and, if you're going to be on the road for them, you'll want to be ready. Now is the time to start pre-summer checkups on your car's hardware, so that when the time comes to roll out, you'll be cruising and cool. And AAA agrees. Staying on top of car maintenance is a smart way to save yourself time, money and headaches when you’re adventuring on the road this summer. Simple… Read More

Car Loans and College Students – Just the Facts
    Every year, right about this time, a concern preoccupies many ambitious young collegians: graduation. And that concern comes with questions. "Where will I live?" "Where will I work?" "How will I get back and forth between where I live and where I work?" "How will I pay for the way that I get back and forth between where I live and where I work – and everywhere else?" And this last question is what we'll be covering here, because car loans for college students and graduates is a tricky subject, and the opportunities and pitfalls involved in buying… Read More

Travel Smart on Memorial Day
  The Travel Stats for the Weekend Memorial Day, the U.S. federal holiday that commemorates the men and women that have died serving in the United States Armed Forces, falls on the last Monday in May, making that weekend a three-day weekend for many working Americans. And a three-day weekend on the warm end of spring means travel. Fun? Absolutely! But LOTS of travelers and LOTS of vehicles on the road. According to the great people over at AAA, these are the travel stats we'll be looking at this year: Memorial Day will see 36.1 million travelers taking trips in… Read More

The PGA Comes to DFW
  Two weekends in a row With spring having sprung and summer soon to sizzle, the weather is right and the green grass is ready guessed season. In Dallas and Fort Worth, this weekend and last, some of the greatest in the game are tossing turf and tightening their grip to get a chance at some big prizes, engaging in the pastime of both the penny-wise and the plutocrats, that Winston Churchill described as being “...a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose.”… Read More

X-Men: The Price of Evolution
  The X-Men film series boasts action, and lots of it. Throughout the films we see mutant and enemy and mutant beat tirelessly against each other, each devoted to their vision of the roles mutants should take in the world. Also beat upon are at least 238 cars, planes, boats, or other kinds of vehicles, totaling damage at nearly 2 billion dollars. But lucky for Magneto, who topped out as the most destructive character, there is always the opportunity to do a little car refinancing for any vehicles he may have left unscathed. Unfortunately that doesn't include three X-Jets, a Japanese… Read More

Apple CarPlay is Coming to a Dashboard Near You
  Big Leaps Forward Cave paintings were rendered so that they appeared to be in motion when viewed by torchlight. Earlier than the invention of paper, a stick placed in the ground gave its viewer an accurate guess as to the circumference of the Earth. In 1902, a silent film showed people rocketing to the moon. Innovation is, by definition, a disruption of the status quo. As time passes, much of science fiction becomes scientific fact. We might soon have self-driving cars, self-cleaning cars and cars that can see everything around them, but we still don’t have flying ones. Thirteen… Read More

Refinancing With Bad Credit
  There are seasons of life when times are great, but lately, it seems like a lot of people have had it tough, and some people's credit scores haven taken a hit as a result. In some cases, refinancing with bad credit might be a very smart move.* It is a similar process to the refinancing of a home mortgage. When you refinance a loan, it begins a new loan, and sometimes does so by fully paying off an existing one. In the process of beginning a new loan, the lender will usually check your credit and see anything that… Read More

Armed Forces Week
  This week is Armed Forces Week, and in honor of our men and women in uniform, we’d like to take a quick glance at each armed service.   United States Army Active Duty personnel: 546,047 Reserve personnel: 559,244 Year founded: 1775 Motto: "This We'll Defend" Official song: "The Army Goes Rolling Along" Official colors: Black and gold Chief of Staff: General Raymond T. Odierno Famous mascot of the Army: Mr. Jackson, the first of the “Mule Corps” of official U.S. Army mascot mules, served from 1936 to 1948.   United States Air Force Active Duty personnel: 332,854 Reserve personnel:… Read More

RoadLoans, You’re Looking Pretty Good!
  Looks aren’t everything. But when you’ve got style like this, you strut your stuff. Which “this”? This site. Hadn’t you noticed? We’re wearing quite a stylish new ensemble. The tireless RoadLoans team has rebuilt the public site from the ground up, given it a facelift, and strengthened the website inside and out. RoadLoans offers services of auto purchase financing and refinancing of existing auto loans, and a myriad of informative tools that help with the buying process. Everything under that umbrella got redesigned, and all with the goal of improving the customer experience, according to RoadLoans designer, Joseph Smietanski.… Read More

Toyota Moves Sales Operations to Texas
Here’s a hypothetical situation. Imagine that YOU are the governor of a state. How do you know you're in trouble? Here’s how: Texas Governor Rick Perry shows up on television, standing outside your capitol building, wagging his finger at the audience, and saying, "We invite the major businesses from this state to see how much better they will fare in the great state of Texas." Uh oh. Trouble. Well, that’s what Governor Jerry Brown of California is experiencing right now. Toyota is moving its U.S. sales headquarters from the Golden State to the Lone Star State. Toyota currently maintains U.S.… Read More