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New cars that will be most valued as used cars
Today’s new cars are tomorrow’s used cars. How much of the initial value a car buyer will get when selling or trading his used car in three, four, five or more years down the road can be an important factor in deciding what to buy now. That’s a fact recognized in Kelley Blue Book’s annual Best Resale Value Awards, which identifies the two best 2014 brands, top 10 vehicles, and top three vehicles in each vehicle segment. Of these vehicles KBB says in an introduction to its awards announcements, “we have the most… Read More

RoadLoans – an auto lender known by company it keeps
It has been said that people are best known by the company they keep. Well, the same can be said of businesses, including auto lenders. That’s why it’s important that auto lender RoadLoans is a “preferred direct lender” (, “trusted lender” ( and “financing center” ( of such well-known names in the automobile industry. All four websites, as well as and, link directly to auto financing applications, providing buyers an option tied directly to their shopping experience. RoadLoans is a direct-to-consumer auto lender owned by Santander Consumer USA Inc., a leading automotive finance company in the United States.… Read More

Thanksgiving travel plans? Expect lots of company out there
If you’re journeying 50 miles or more from home this Thanksgiving travel weekend, expect the highways and airports to be crowded as almost 43.5 million other Americans will be out there, too, according to AAA. That’s a small decrease from 2012 but probably not enough for you to notice. Wednesday is expected to be the heaviest Thanksgiving travel day, followed by Sunday. Auto travel is expected to drop 1.5 percent and air travel 3.7 percent, AAA said. AAA estimates that 90 percent of travelers, about 39 million, will be traveling by car and just over three million by air. The… Read More

Used car prices at lowest level in four years, reports
If you are among millions of car shoppers each year – seven out of every 10 – who buy a used vehicle from a franchised dealer, has good news. “Used car prices have hit their lowest levels in four years,” according to, the car shopping and automotive information website, in its Used Car Market Quarterly Report last week. “The data suggests that the used car market is finally softening after years of notoriously elevated prices.” The third-quarter report says that “the average used car sold by franchise dealers in the third quarter of 2013 was $15,617. … The last… Read More

RoadLoans – Who we are (Part 2)
RoadLoans wants to create a car-buying experience that meets the needs of our customers, and empowers them to make the best decision for their lives, as we described in Part 1 of “RoadLoans – Who we are.” Part 2 of “Who we are” is about how we have tried to incorporate the most innovative technology available to improve the online experience. “We receive thousands of applications every month,” said Scott Rundle, V.P. of Direct Originations for RoadLoans. “Because of the volume, it’s important that we employ every technical advantage we have to create the best online experience possible.” Convenience is… Read More

RoadLoans – Who we are (Part 1)
There are a lot of things you probably already know about RoadLoans – that we are one of the leading sources for online auto and truck financing, that we provide financing for customers nationwide, and that we don’t mind working with people who have challenging credit histories. But what you may not know is why we do what we do. Our aim is to help people get into cars and, as a result, improve their quality of life. Sounds a little too emotional for a financial services company, right? Well the truth is, we don’t want to be thought of… Read More

Subaru Forester ‘Best Car to Buy’; Honda Accord Hybrid named ‘Best Green Car’
The Subaru Forester is the “Best Car to Buy 2014” and the Honda Accord Hybrid the “Best Green Car to Buy 2014,” according to editors of High Gear Media publications.   The Forester was one of 15 cars nominated for the honor, the Honda one of five. The Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG and Porsche Cayman were named best luxury/performance cars. The winners were named by expert editors from High Gear Media's car shopping and automotive news sites The Car Connection, Motor Authority, and Green Car Reports. "The 2014 Subaru Forester is, hands down,… Read More

Consumer Reports 10 most improved vehicle designs
Now that we know the 10 top-rated vehicle redesigns of the last 15 years – yesterday’s post on The Open Road blog – we’ll look at the 10 most improved designs of more recent cars, brought to us by Consumer Reports. Only one vehicle – the “impressive” 2014 Chevrolet Impala – made both lists. “The Impala scored not only the greatest points gain (32) among the 10 vehicles in the CR rankings but also the highest point total (95),” according to Consumer Reports, which ranked vehicles by improvement in the overall test… Read More top 10 vehicle makeovers of the last 15 years
Sometimes judging whether we like the design of a car, SUV or truck happens year to year. And sometimes it takes a little longer. Considering the long and short of it, the automotive research website,, recently named its “Top 10 Most-Improved Cars from the Past 15 Years.” The list is interesting as well as instructive to would-be car and truck buyers who may have dated opinions of some vehicles on the list. Among the 10 top-rated redesigns are three Chevrolets and two Chrysler Group vehicles, as well as one each of… Read More

Toyota hits speed bump in latest Consumer Reports ratings
It’s a tough year for Toyota at Consumer Reports. Several of the auto manufacturer’s nameplates lost their “Recommended” status in the latest of CR’s Annual Auto Reliability ratings and rankings, according to The Car Connection electronic newsletter. “It's likely the results were met with a collective wince over at Toyota,” wrote Bengt Halvorson. “While the automaker – and its Lexus luxury counterpart – still ranked above all others in reliability,” Halvorson reported at The Car Connection, “the consumer publication revoked its 'recommended' status for the best-selling Camry, as well as the Toyota RAV4 and… Read More