There are plenty of places to find financing for a vehicle purchase. As a first time car buyer different types of auto loans lenders have different benefits and drawbacks, and it's important to understand the differences. A bank is the obvious place to start when you're thinking about auto loans. Lenders in this category are like the "general practitioners" of the financing world. They provide a number of different services, from checking and savings accounts to mortgages to special investment services. Banks are owned either by individuals (as is often the case with small, home town banks) or by corporations… Read More

Best Auto Refinancing Rates
When it comes to refinancing your vehicle loan, it's obviously optimal to get the best auto refinancing rates to get the deal done. Unfortunately, lenders don't exactly publish the exact rates that they charge for refinancing loans. You'll have to jump through a few hoops to find your refi will cost, but in the long run, it's worth the work to get the absolute best deal possible. Interest rates go up and down. They vary from place to place, from company to company, and especially from person to person. The reason one person can get one rate from a company… Read More

Sometimes when we get ourselves into deep financial water, bankruptcy is the only way out. If you're wondering whether you can get a car loan or auto loan while in bankruptcy, your best bet is to find out more about the type of bankruptcy you're filing (or have already filed) to see whether it's even possible. As a first time car buyer check out our LTV calculator, amortization chart to get all the detailed information you need. Most people know there are two main types of bankruptcy for individuals and families: either chapter 7 or chapter 11. There are other chapters, but they… Read More