If you're starting the process of shopping for a vehicle, chances are you'll be using an auto loan finder to help you locate the right financing for your vehicle. There are lots of options and places to go when it comes to getting a loan to buy that car or truck of your dreams (or even just to get the basic transportation you need to get to work and back). Starting with an auto loan finder is good because it helps you track down a lender that will work with you. The key to financing is finding the right lender.… Read More

Why Go With an Online Auto Loan With so many banks around, why would anyone go and get an online auto loan? There are a couple of very good reasons that are worth paying attention to. If you haven't already tried using an online lender, and you're currently shopping for a new or used vehicle, maybe now is the time to try it out. In the "old days," a person's only option when it came to auto financing was banks and dealerships. You could go to your bank (or credit union, if you could get membership in one) and apply… Read More

If you've declared bankruptcy, chances are very good that you're finding most lenders don't want to even talk to you. But if you want to do an auto bankruptcy loan refinance, you may be surprised to find that there are special finance companies out there that are very willing to do business with people who have had a bankruptcy. It's just a matter of finding the right company to match your particular situation. If your bankruptcy is still in process, it's probably best to wait. You'll either lose your main asset (the vehicle you've financed) through chapter 7 proceedings, or… Read More