Gift ideas for the multimillionaire driver in your life
Multimillionaires have it rough around the holidays. There. We said it. Just imagine the holiday plight between fellow plutocrats, as if you were (or perhaps, are) one of them. You are awakened by the custom alarm tone on your pre-release, 18-karat rose gold Apple Watch that your good buddy Tim C. hooked you up with, to the sounds of waves lapping gently on the rocks of Lake Como, below your other getaway bungalow in Vignola, Italy. You shut off the alarm, and notice that the days have apparently slipped by too pleasantly, and it is now Dec. 20, a mere… Read More

The twelve days of car (& holiday) tips – Part 2
12 useful tips about cars and the holidays – because we know a little bit about both It’s tough to beat a good pairing. Comté and Shiraz. Davis and Coltrane. A latte and a beignet. Cold weather and hot cider. Gilbert and Sullivan. For your pleasure, we humbly submit, as a novel entry on the register of great pairings … car tips and holiday tricks. Tip 6 - Some day, your car will drive itself, and you won't have to worry about focusing on the road. Until then, know the limits of your focus, and with what attention you can… Read More

The twelve days of car (& holiday) tips – Part 1
12 useful tips about cars and the holidays – because we know a little bit about both If there are two things we love at the RoadLoans blog, it’s getting smart about cars, and seasonal tips and tricks. And we think you’ll find that our holiday recipe includes just the right proportion of both. You're really going to want to read these. We save up the good stuff all year, just for articles like this. Tip 12 - Are you doing Secret Santa this year? Don't buy Post-Its. Use a web based service to organize all the name-drawing, like… Read More

New Year’s Eve deals expected to beat Black Friday’s
Car buyers, like many other Black Friday shoppers, expected some sweet deals on Nov. 28, and to be sure, many got them. But if you waited to venture out to your local dealership in search of the right vehicle at the right price, you may just be rewarded for your patience. According to and the Wall Street Journal, the most recent data resulting from annual surveys by TrueCar, Inc. reveal that as good as the deals may have been on Black Friday, we may see slightly better ones through December, with the discounts peaking on December 31. It seems… Read More

Holidays, movies and more at the Santander Consumer USA blog
It’s difficult to believe that another year has nearly passed. But before we get on with the rest of December – and the busy holidays it contains – let’s take one last look back at the best the Santander Consumer USA blog had to offer readers in November. The blog was full of seasonal advice – the most buzzworthy movies of the season and guidance good for just about any time. The latter category includes a “Top Pick” post that has continued to generate lots of traffic since it was posted. Among the best posts that the SCUSA blog had… Read More

Fiat 500 for 007 – Beautiful enough for Bond
James Bond has driven some seriously great cars. And Fiat’s 500 micro sedan is about to become a member of that stable. In the upcoming Bond film, “Spectre,” the latest in the James Bond franchise, it is rumored that James Bond, who will again be portrayed by Daniel Craig, will be racing through the streets of Rome, Italy, in the popular economy sportster. And the internet has plenty to say on the subject. The issue of “which vehicle James Bond is driving now” has been, for car enthusiasts, an epic story since the beginning. In fact, we covered the topic… Read More

Extreme winter situations
Getting on the road to get to Grandma's this holiday season sounds like a lot of fun. But for people who live in parts of the country where winter has already landed in force, the fun only lasts while the vehicle is still rolling and in good shape. Just imagine driving quietly down a snowy byway, with a soft and gentle blanket of white quieting every sound of the storm and every turn of your tires, when, suddenly, disaster strikes and your vehicle stops moving, perhaps even getting stuck in the snow. If you're in a rural area, what started… Read More

Holiday Road Trip
Every holiday season, there is one tradition that millions of Americans participate in that can be delightful and relaxing, but might also be difficult, dangerous, infuriating, expensive and fraught with the perils of high adventure: the road trip. No big deal, right? It depends on many factors, and no one knows better than you do how easy or tricky it can be to cram your family into your vehicle and get from one place to another. If the family that you are visiting lives nearby, then bringing the clan to see the relatives on a holiday may not be too… Read More

KBB’s best buys for 2015
When I first saw the Kelley Blue Book ratings for the “Best Buy” cars of 2015, I was both surprised and happy to see Chevrolet represented in two of the key categories. Kelley annually picks a car from each category, or type, that they determine to be the best all-around car for its price. Growing up in a family that owns both a Chevrolet and Volkswagen dealership, naturally, those were the only types of cars that my family owned. In the category for “Best Full-Sized Car” the 2015 Chevy Impala took the prize with a completely redesigned exterior that is… Read More

Car accident – five things to know before it happens to you
It’s an unfortunate reality that car accidents can happen to anyone, no matter how carefully or responsibly they drive. Hopefully you will never need to apply this information, but here are five things you need to know* about responding to an automobile accident. Never leave the scene. Despite every instinctual, emotional, or maybe even financial worry that might tempt you to escape the situation, leaving the scene will only make things worse for everyone involved, regardless of who is at fault. Tim Cadet of suggests you remain calm and pull over to the side of the road to the extent… Read More