Traditional Refinance

You could lower your auto payment up to $100 per month.*

Would you like to pay off your existing car note and replace it with a more affordable loan that fits your financial budget? Refinance with RoadLoans and you could start saving money right away.

What are the Benefits of an Auto Refinance?

Why Refinance? You may be able to

  • Skip your auto payment for up to 60 days**
  • Lower your payment, saving up to $1,200 per year*
  • Lower your rate if you Refinance Now

Apply for Refinance

All Credit Types Accepted

  • RoadLoans approves all credit types
  • We help lower payments even with bad credit
  • Previous bankruptcies, credit counseling or repossessions OK!

Apply for Refinance

The RoadLoans Advantage – Free, Fast and Simple

  • Free: No application fees
  • Fast: Apply online in just minutes and get immediate confirmation
  • Simple: If approved, download your documents, sign and return

Rest assured that when you apply, your information is safe and secure. RoadLoans is part of Banco Santander (NYSE: SAN), a global bank with a presence in 52 countries.

All our auto loans are fixed rate loans, which means your interest rate will never change. There are never any prepayment penalties, so you are free to pay off your loan quicker than originally scheduled.

RoadLoans has been an auto finance lender for more than 12 years. We finance all credit types, and specialize in financing and servicing loans for customers with less than perfect credit. RoadLoans has helped many customers refinance their cars and save money.

* Yearly payment reduction claim is based on average payment reduction our customers experience over a year with their new loan (same or a longer term) compared to their prior yearly loan payments. Yearly payment reduction may result from a lower interest rate, a longer term or both. Your actual savings may be different. The average customer saves $79 monthly.
**Skip a Car Payment: Because the first monthly payment on your new auto loan will be due up to 30 days after the closing date, and the closing date will be 0 to 30 days after the most recent monthly due date of your existing loan, you will not have a scheduled monthly payment due for 30 to 60 days after the most recent monthly due date of your existing loan. The actual number of days you will not have a scheduled monthly payment due will vary depending on the terms of your existing loan, your payments on the existing loan, and applicable state law. Interest will accrue on your existing loan until it is paid in full. Interest will accrue on your new loan beginning on the date the loan is funded.